Monday, September 8, 2008

WOW this blog is magical!!!

So... just a few days ago I started my Blog to track my Alienware order and it was not looking good.
Today I checked my order and it has gone to phase 8!! from 3 in 1 day. hopefully this means it will be shipped tommorrow.
Phase 8 is described as;

Phase 8: (Production Phase 4 - Quality Control/Shipping Prep)

The system is undergoing the final stage of the Alienware 200-Point Quality Control Process. An Alienware Quality Inspector is in charge of inspecting your system from top to bottom for any obvious or latent defects. Our Inspectors are seasoned technicians/engineers and are very experienced in the art of perfection. Note: If the system does not pass any of our performance standards, the system may have to go back to an earlier production phase and it may slightly delay your order.

I'm psyched!! lets see if it ships tomorrow!!

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