Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Blog!!! woot!

Ok... So... this is the first Blog for me.

I wanted to track the process of getting a new alienware laptop.
The current status is that I purchased the laptop online on the holiday weekend. 8/30/2008
I understand that this was a Holiday weekend.
On the following Monday they called to confirm the billing info. 9/1/08
Being very Eager I checked the Account every few hours to no avail...
I sent my first email on 9/2/08 because the status listed was billing verification....
They quickly replied stating that there is a flaw in the reporting application around hte type of payment Iused and then continued to inform me that my system would be ready in a week and a half permitting that all the parts were available..... so I think that means it should ship on 9/15/08 permitting all of the stars are in alignment...

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